Reekie Machining

Tartan Platform – Releasing Caisson from Dead Weight Support

The customer required a robust solution to release one of their caissons from a unique dead weight support structure. The caisson had a cone feature that nested into a mating cone in the platform support.

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Machining of Hang off Module (HOM) Rails on Deep Blue Vessel

The rails that the HOC runs on had become extremely worn and were affecting operations. The pair of rails, 11,080 mm long x 230mm wide, needed to be machined flat and to a common plane within 0.25mm.

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A330 Landing Gear Boring

Insitu Boring and Facing Machine for A330 Aircraft Landing Gear

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Gwynt y Mor, Ventilation Retrofit, Trepanning 200 and 100 dia holes

Trepanning 200 and 100 dia holes through the 70 thick tubular in offshore wind turbines

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Heysham 2 Steam Chest Restraint Studs


Bespoke drilling machine to replace the Steam Chest HighTemperature Support Fasteners insitu

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MOL Base Plate Machining

Claymore platform Main Oil Line (MOL) condensate pump base plate Machining

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Ineos Fin Fan Heat Exchanger Repair

The threaded plugs on the fin fan coolers were leaking to such an extent that drips trays have been installed under the header boxes. There had been a machining repair previously by another machining company, but despite this and the fitting of upgraded gaskets the plugs were still leaking

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Clyde Platform West & East Crane Pedestal Cutting and Weld Prepping

Precision cold cut of 2800 od x 25 wt steel crane pedestal to cut off old flange connection flat and level and form weld prep

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Carousel Turntable


We have worked with various critical components situated onboard vessels such as moving parts, carousels, flanges, bearing housings, manway doors / frames, Kelly bottle threads, motor pads.

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Tanker Rudder Repair


This challenge required our skilled technicians to carry out an emergency insitu machining repairs on a tanker in the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

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Gabbard Weld Defect Sample Cutting


Removal of samples for testing off welded joints between wind turbine tower sections needed to be carried out on wind turbine towers from the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm.

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Oyster Wave Project


Aquamarine Power's Oyster project required a range of machining operations prior to completion at Bifab's facility in Burntisland, Fife.

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Governor Valve Machining


After removing a damaged seat from an HP Governor steam chest, it was discovered that the threads for the locking ring had been damaged.

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Wave Power Machine


The Oyster project, developed by Aquamarine Power Ltd required a range of machining operations prior to completion at Bifab's facility in Burntisland, Fife.

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Crushing Machinery Repair


To repair and refurbish aggregate crushing machinery within an extremely tight timescale in order to allow the client to maintain operations.

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