field machining on an oil platform

Reekie have supported the offshore oil & gas industry since the very beginning, helping Site Technicians reduce downtime, and keeping the flow of energy steady, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Caisson replacement & de-commissioning
• Bespoke in-situ equipment design
• Crane pedestals & slew ring machining
• Vessels & exchangers – clocking, face machining
• FPSO turret mooring systems – machining up to 10m Ø
• Equipment mounts, bed plates – lasers and coplanar procedures
• Flange facing, pipe cutting, stud removal
• Turbine half joints
• Valve machining – facing & re-profiling

Facing & Boring

BOP’s, Xmas tree valve seats, Valve bodies and bonnets, Ring type grooves, Process flanges, Drain valves, Safety valves, Valve seats re-profiled or removed, Header pipe penetrations bored,  Turbine casings re-bored, Crane seats, Slew ring gearbox & boom hinge boring, Thruster housing faces and bores, FPSO turntable flanges, Lens rings, Bearing housings, Lifting lugs, Flanges up to 15,000mmØ, Cable drums line bored, CALRAM hinge bores,

Laser alignment

Flatness surveys,„ Shaft alignment,Pump bore alignment checks,

Milling, Drilling, Tapping & Stud Removal

Stud removal(any size), guaranteed no damage to existing, threads, Cold tapping, Trepanning into vessels, Drilling & tapping up to M64, Single point thread turning up to 300mmØ, Motor/pump mounting holes, Helicoiling valve bodies etc, any size, Heat exchanger facing, Tube removal and re-grooving, Skid decks, Turbine half joints repaired, Motor/compressor mounting pads,  Shaft keyway cutting,  Location pads,  Drilling/boring of pin location bores through piles,  Milling of top deck stools,  Drilling derrick mounting pads

Pipe Cutting & Prepping

We have a large range of pipe cutting and prepping machines available to cover any possible pipe size,  Heavy wall pipe a speciality, Weld free pipeline joint (GS Hydro connections) preparation, (cutting, facing, grooving & swaging), Fire mains cut, swaged etc, Match boring, grooving etc, Module pipework

Shaft Turning

Motor shaft,  Gearbox shaft,  Fan shaft turning from 100mmØ, Module trunnions,  Pile outside diameter turning

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Services for Oil & Gas Offshore

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