Tartan Platform – Releasing Caisson from Dead Weight Support

The Challenge:

The customer required a robust solution to release one of their caissons from a unique dead weight support structure. The caisson had a cone feature that nested into a mating cone in the platform support. The two cones and a top plate were then welded together. This required a 45 deg cut to run approximately 50mm into the cone on the caisson to machine away all of the weld and release the caisson from the support whilst leaving the support cone intact. The support was only 7m above sea level meaning all work had to performed from ropes.

Our Solution:

The design and manufacture of two low height vertical tool slide for the underside cut, and two 45 deg angled slide ways for the top cuts, to be used with one of our proven clamshell machines. This was followed by cutting trials on a full scale mock up to optimise set up and cutting parameters to reduce machining time and prolong tool life.

Our machinists obtained level 1 rope access training to allow them to be part of the rope access team to operate the machine

The Result:

The Caisson was safely released from the dead weight support, allowing for the removal of the caisson