Governor Valve Machining

Client: Siemens Power Generation

After removing a damaged seat from an HP Governor steam chest, it was discovered that the threads for the locking ring had been damaged. This would require either a full replacement of the steam chest or specialist machining to create a new thread.

How Challenge Was Addressed:
Reekie Machining has carried out may specialist insitu machining repairs to valve bodies, steam chests and turbine casing, so this type of challenge had been encountered before. However the size of the thread and depth from the bonnet face were such that new equipment had to be developed. Our RB80 onsite boring machine was modified to allow for threading at the required TPI, and a new tool slide developed to accurately control the threading tool.

Value Added:
The cost and time scale required for replacing a steam chest were prohibitive, and developing an alternative engineering solution would also be extremely time consuming and challenging. Within a week of the call Reekie were onsite, and the repair was completed within a couple of days.

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