Gabbard Weld Defect Sample Cutting

Client: SSE

Testing of welded joints between wind turbine tower sections needed to be carried out on wind turbine towers from the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm. Therefore, samples needed to be cut from the towers, these would then be taken away and the weld seam tested for quality and any defects.

Our role was to devise a way of cutting out the test samples, but without adversely affecting the structural integrity of the towers

How Challenge Was Addressed:
We developed an onsite milling machine for cutting the profile in one continuous cut. As the work was offshore within the transition tower, the insitu milling equipment had to be modular so that it could be easily man handled into position. The ‘obround’ shape had tight form tolerances which meant that the portable milling machine had to machine the shape in one continuous operation. The machine was designed and tested at our factory in the Inchinnan Inudstrial Estate.

Value Added:
Our solution provided a cut out that was well within the 0.25mm form tolerance required. Only minimal finishing works was required to achieve the ‘mirror’ finish required, to allow for inspection of defects.

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