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Milling - On Site Machining


We are a leading provider of on site milling solutions with a wide range of milling heads, slides, beams and rails at our disposal. Employing our design expertise and the quality workmanship of our operators, can help customers overcome extremely challenging workscopes that most would assume unachievable. To see our full range of drilling /tapping machines, follow the links below.


  • Linear – 7000 mm (in one set)
  • Orbital – 20 metres Ø
  • Gantry – 6000x3000 mm custom frame created 2013.


  • Face milling, end milling, slot drilling,  keyway cutting
  • Rotary tables, right angle brackets, UPA UFO milling heads
  • Workshop well equipped for quick turnaround on more bespoke solutions, get in touch via our contact page

To see our milling machines in action, follow the links on the upper right of this screen

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