Reekie Machining

Hydraulic Bolt Torque & Tensioning

Reekie Machining provide on-site service for Hydraulic Bolt Torque & Tensioning, and we are driven by our Get It Right First Time strategy to ensure that we achieve ‘Total Leak Free Joints’ for our clients projects, without compromise to Safety of personnel or environment. We can continuously provide this service and goal by ensuring the standards never change, and we stay at the forefront of technology and working procedures.

  • Trained, Competent and Experienced site technicians – EICTB standards.
  • State of the art equipment – Tested, Calibrated and Certified.
  • QHSE documents and procedures that align to our Integrated Management System
    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
    • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
    • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Unrivalled Engineering Support at all stages:
    • Up-front engineering and planning.
    • Support during site activities.
    • Remain flexible and support emergent work scopes.
  • On completion of TAR, Shutdown or Outage, perform wash-down to review performance and lessons learned.

In combination with our Insitu Machining capability, the bolting service allow us to supply an Integrated Team for remedial work on damaged flange faces or gasket seating rings / faces, which allows schedule times to be managed / reduced through best in class provision of these services.

Bespoke Machining Solutions

When you are looking for a solution to you machining needs occasional only a bespoke machine will do. At Reekie Machining we have been involved in numerous special machines builds utilising that latest of technologies.


We can provide DNV approved and qualified welding procedures to compliment our insitu machining repairs including overlays on shafts, bores and sealing faces. Our automated bore welder can be used on bores and shafts.

Spark Erosion

For extremely hard materials or broken tooling we can offer spark erosion as an alternative to machining

Metrology & Precision Measurement

When your project calls for tight dimensional and geometrical tolerances that cannot be easily measured conventionally, our team are highly skilled in using the latest measurement technologies including Faro Arms, Laser trackers and Easy laser measuring equipment.


When requirements for on site turning arise, Reekie Machining have years of experience in repairing tubular components of all shapes and sizes. Typical applications include motor, gearbox shafts and fan shafts.


  • Up to 550mm Ø and 435mm length
  • Larger diameters can be machined by utilizing shaft’s own bearings and drive systems, Reekie slides / slideways are mounted parallel to shaft and machine to requirement
  • Machines can be modified / sourced for other requirements


  • Turning operations performed on shafts, pins or other cylinders, concentric or eccentric to required datums
  • Surface finishes up to Ra0.8μm when fitted with grinding and finishing attachments
  • Screwing cutting using turning machines/ boring machines to give required thread form and pitch configurations
  • Option of dual power sources

 To see our range of turning machines, follow the links on the upper right of this screen.

Pipe Cutting & Weld Prepping

We have performed portable pipe cutting and weld prepping operations in many difficult and hazardous environments for over 60 years. To see our full range of pipe cutting and prepping machines, follow the links below.

Pipe cutting

  • Split case (clamshell) machines range from 1½” to  52” (38mm –1321mm) Ø
  • Saws and pipe mills up to 2000mm Ø
  • Large wall thickness is a specialty
  • Other sizes possible using specially designed manufactured milling rails and heads
  • Machines can be modified to perform subsea
  • Unlimited sizes cut using specially designed manufactured milling rails and heads
  • Larger machines, diamond wire and water jet cutting are available through specialist sub contractors

Pipe Prepping (Weld Prepping)

  • Some machines can self centre located in the bore or can locate externally
  • Weld preps: single, double, compound angle
  • Match boring, outside diameter transition, bore or outside diameter mounted

To see our pipe cutting and prepping machines in action, follow the links on the upper right of this screen.

Line Boring

Whether line boringthrough boring or blind boring our Site Technicians and equipment can meet almost any machining challenge.


  • From 25mm Ø up to 2000mm Ø and up to 6000mm deep bores
  • Range of Reekie boring and drilling machines can be modified to suit requirements


  • Holes can be bored both independently to make round and parallel to tolerances with 0.02mm (depending on dimensions and material)
  • Concentric with the required parallel or roundness datum or off-set as required
  • Can be set using laser alignment equipment
  • In house welding capacity available on site
  • Boring machines electrically, air or hydraulically powered

Typical Applications

  • Crane boom Clevis Plate
  • Valve Seats and Sealing Bands
  • Hinges and Lifting points
  • Ferry Ramps Hinges
  • Excavator buckets
  • Turbine casings
  • Ship’s stern tubes, A Brackets, P Brackets
  • Drive shaft housings
  • Gearbox housings
  • Turbine couplings
  • Power press frames

Drilling, Tapping & Stud Removal

Reekie machining has a particular expertise in drilling and tapping on site having been involved in the regular to very complex stud extraction projects and many others. We have an extensive range of equipment meaning we can mobilise quickly as well as achieving greater accuracy on site to get the job done right first time, regardless of the unknown. To see our full range of drilling /tapping machines, follow the links below.


  • Drilling up to 160mm diameter and 1000mm stroke
  • Boring/Trepanning out to 300mm
  • Tapping up to M90 / 4″ BSF (larger threads machined using single point turning)


  • Our equipment includes drilling, tapping, trepanning, rotabroaching and portable spark erosion kit.
  • Jigs / location plates, drill stands and slides, magnetic bases and tooling are all readily available to use.
  • Hydraulic, air and electrical powered machines available.
  • Many bespoke drilling machines have been created for hard to reach areas
  • Removal of seized pins, cotter pins, dowels
  • Hot tapping available via specialist sub contractors

To see our drilling / tapping machines in action, follow the links on the upper right of this screen.


We are a leading provider of on site milling solutions with a wide range of milling heads, slides, beams and rails at our disposal. Employing our design expertise and the quality workmanship of our Site Technicians, can help customers overcome extremely challenging work scopes that most would assume unachievable.


Linear 7000 mm (in one setting)

Orbital – 20 metres Ø

Gantry – 6000×3000 mm custom frame created 2013.


Face milling, end milling, slot drilling,  keyway cutting

Rotary tables, right angle brackets, UPA UFO milling heads

Workshop well equipped for quick turnaround on more bespoke solutions, get in touch via our contact page

Typical Application include:

Motor and pump mounting pads

Shaft keyways

Heat exchanger repair

Pockets and windows in fabrications

Crane pedestals

Turbine split line machining

Steel mill housings