Inspiring The Next Generation

During this past week, Josh Wheeler, a local high school pupil has been on his work experience here at Reekie Machining.  To provide an overview of what happens in an engineering firm, Josh has spent each day in a different department.

Monday was spent fitting and assembling in the Machine Shop.  On Tuesday he found out what a Project Engineer does before spending Wednesday in the inspection and calibriation department where he learnt about tolerances.  His highlight of the week was spending time in the Design Office, using CAD and learning how to create drawings, needless to say he was there Thursday and Friday. (see picture above)

When asked about his week, Josh said,

“At Reekie Machining I have learned everything that goes into running a machining factory; this has opened my eyes to all the roles that need to be filled in the different areas.  It has been a very educational experience with me now understanding how to behave in a workplace and how each role has an effect on one another.  It’s been a very enjoyable experience that has dampened my fears of when I adventure into the world of work.”

A future Design Engineer?