Summer Internship at Reekie Machining

This summer we are pleased to have taken on Gareth Mitchell, a 4th year student on a five year, MEng Aero-Mechanical Engineering Course at the University of Strathclyde, as an Intern.  Reekie Machining believes this is a fantastic opportunity to support and build skills in the future generation of engineers.

Here is what Gareth has to say about his experience:

I was looking for an internship that was based around CAD Modeling in an industrial setting, to experience it out with a learning environment.  Reekie’s delivers high quality products, so I felt the knowledge I would be able to gain would be of a high level of competency and the experience of a smaller company of this style could involve more dynamic roles.

My knowledge of engineering drawing has hugely increased, through creating drawings for actual parts, which is in line with what I wish to do for a career.  Specifically, with making drawings easier to read, when sometime it contradicts some of what we have been taught.  I’ve learnt a lot about tolerancing; how to decide on a tolerance and what is realistically achievable.  In addition, I have also been able to get a better grasp on the actual manufacturing processes and the machines that are required.

If someone is hoping to improve their CAD skills in an industrial environment and looking to gain more experience in a professional engineering workplace, I would definitely recommend an Internship at Reekie Machining, and probably over a larger company in which sometimes you can just become “part of the crowd”.

One of the things that is good about Reekie’s is that they work in such a diverse plethora of sectors, so that you can gain knowledge and experience in any type of work.

Interested in a future Internship, contact charlotte@reekiemachining.co.uk