It has been a very busy couple of months at Reekie Machining and our Insitu Team are rapidly building up air miles to complete jobs Worldwide.

  • Tam McLardie our Insitu Machine Supervisor flew off to Brazil to carry out a line boring job.
  • Two of the team went offshore for a “mini cruise” from Larnaca, Cyprus to Cadiz in Spain, cutting windows into a pipe on the way.
  • And we have two staff taking on the challenge of milling flanges and drilling holes in Nigeria.

This is all on top of the work being carried out on site across the UK, from Plymouth in Devon to Wick in Caithness.

Prior to all these jobs key jigs and tooling was machined by the Subcontract Machine Shop, here in our workshop in Renfrew.  This ensured that once on site the Insitu Team are fully prepped to carry out the job.

Where will Reekie Machining be needed next?

Photo: Macae, Brazil, taken by Tam McLardie