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Flange Facing - On Site Machining

Flange Facing

Reekie Machining’s experienced team offer comprehensive flange machining and with expertise in the design of flange facing machines, we can modify to suit almost any location, tolerance or surface. To see our full range of flange facing machines, follow the links below.


  • Can machine any size of flange, up to 20 metres Ø


  • Flatness tolerances within 0.02mm for the smaller sizes and within 0.2mm for larger diameters
  • Facing heads are available to machine hard to reach areas in conjunction with boring machines
  • Grinding attachments fitted where Ra1.6μm or better if required
  • Comprehensive range of flange facing equipment finishing heads for Ra0.8μm.


  • Inside, outside diameter, surface or bore location and can be set to a required datum (eg ship’s datum, adjacent component)
  • Related flanges can be machined concentric, parallel or to any required orientation in conjunction with portable measurement equipment

Required surface

  • Variety of surface faces achievable, concentric, square, eccentric or off-set
  • Ring-type joint groove; hub-type flanges; recessed faces; raised faces; ‘O’ ring grooves; lens ring grooves; counterbores
  • Back spot faced or entire back face machined parallel to the front face

To see our flange facing machines in action, follow the links on the upper right of this screen.

Click here to view range