The footage shows our 6ft (1.22m) CNC GLF vertical boring machine, taking a cut on a stainless steel casting for pump components.   This boring machine was bought to give us the ability to cover a wide scope of jobs, filling the gap between our  two conventional vertical boring machines, 4ft (0.61m) and 8ft (1.82m) that Reekie Machining already had in operation.  To further improve the capability of the 6ft (1.22m) CNC GLF vertical borer  Reekie are investing  an additional £50k to retrofit the control system of the machine.

This has widened the scope of jobs that we are able to offer our customers.  If this is something you we can do for you or for any other enquires for the machine shop please contact:

Jared Reekie or Jim Richmond or email machineshop@reekiemachining.co.uk