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Turning - On Site Machining


When requirements for on site turning arise, Reekie Machining have years of experience in repairing tubular components of all shapes and sizes. To see our full range of turning machines, follow the links below


  • Up to 550mm Ø and 435mm length
  • Larger diameters can be machined by utilizing shaft’s own bearings and drive systems, Reekie slides / slideways are mounted parallel to shaft and machine to requirement
  • Machines can be modified / sourced for other requirements


  • Turning operations performed on shafts, pins or other cylinders, concentric or eccentric to required datums
  • Surface finishes up to Ra0.8μm when fitted with grinding and finishing attachments
  • Screwing cutting using turning machines/ boring machines to give required thread form and pitch configurations
  • Option of dual power sources

 To see our range of turning machines, follow the links on the upper right of this screen.

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