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On Site Machining (In Situ Machining)

In Situ Machining In Situ Machining In Situ Machining In Situ Machining In Situ Machining In Situ Machining In Situ Machining In Situ Machining

Whenever the challenge requires on site machining, Reekie Machining's team of specialists can be relied upon. We have one of the widest ranges of in situ machining equipment in the world. The options on the left of the screen will guide you through some of our more common site machining requests.


Our on site machining capability encompasses a wide range of tasks, completed to tight tolerances and in the most arduous environments. Our machine tools are designed to deliver results as quickly and safely as possible, making them easier to use in hazardous environments. A complete range of air motors, hydraulic motors, power packs and electric powered tools are also available.


Your first point of contact is Reekie's sales project engineer, who assesses the task, works with you to define exactly what is required and recommends a machining method that completes the job in a quick and safe manner. We're aware of the pressures on your business to maintain operations, so we'll work quickly get you back on schedule.


All of Reekie's operators are time served turners and machine tool fitters giving you reliable and proven care of your components. Our team has years of experience and a reputation for quality workmanship. All operators are classified radiation workers, possess RGIT certificates, scats safety passports, confined space awareness certificates and hold annual medical certificates to UKOOA.

The combination of unrivalled design expertise, quality workmanship, people and first-class equipment makes Reekie Machining hard to beat. Whatever your in situ machining needs, we're up to the challenge.

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