Never one to shy away from finding a solution, Reekie Machining has taken on a number of challenges from a wide range of customers in the Subsea sector. Within the space of a few years, the number of projects we are involved in has increased significantly and we have developed extensive expertise, a strong reputation for delivering quality results and have made real waves in the sector. Health and Safety is paramount in this industry and there are few more notable examples than Offshore Construction Support where the rapid rectification of critical components is essential. We have been entrusted to work in various locations recently on a host of components that, if it weren’t for insitu machining, would have needed to be replaced causing major delays to service and maintenance projects. This includes: • Pressure Chambers – Machining doors and frames to remove corrosion and high spots • Dive Bells – Trunks, doors and frames • Kelly Bottles – Removing seized plugs, rethreading and manufacture new plugs • Pipelaying equipment – ploughs, trenchers, LARS and winches • Carousels – Our R10,000 flange facing machine can work on diameters up to 20 M • Valve / flange repair, pipe cutting and prepping, motor pads and bearing housings. We understand the implications of lost production or operating time, so we pull out all the stops to contain our clients’ losses. “Reekie Machining always seem to come up with the goods… they are our first choice for insitu machining” Dick Piercy, Diving Technical Engineer, Technip UK