Reekie Machining

Portable Machine Tools

Reekie Machining is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of highly specialised portable machine tools for use in in-situ machining operations, taking the Reekie Machining name to every corner of the globe. We hold an extensive stock of machine tools for sale or hire, with all designs accessible through our CAD database, enabling modifications and 3D modelling for tried and tested tools.

Our highly specialist team designs and manufactures one-off tools, providing complete traceability for all manufactured parts and adding further security to the process.

Fitting and Assembly

Our Machine Shop and Insitu Services are complimented by our team of fitters allowing us to offer turn key services where your project requires strip down and rebuild or assembly on completion of machining scopes


We can carry out weld repairs to your equipment as part of our machining repair solution. We have qualified weld procedures for a range of repairs.

Spark Erosion

For machining key ways or removal of broken tooling we have a a range of spark erosion machines including portable machines allowing repairs to be carried out on large components

CMM Inspection

Our Coordinate Measuring Machine allows extremely accurate measurement of parts.

For larger parts outwith the table size our team can make use of our portable measuring equipment including our Faro Arm or Faro Laser Tracker

4&5 Axis Machining

For parts requiring tight geometrical tolerance or to improve productivity by reduction the number of set ups we have a range of options including our 5-Axis and 4-Axis machining centers. For complicated geometries our engineers are advanced users of offline programming allowing us to find the optimal machining solution for your challenging projects

Vertical Machining Centers

Reekie have a large range of CNC milling machines and vertical machining centers. The largest being our bridge mill with a capacity of 3m long x 2m wide x 1m high.

Precision Grinding

When turning or milling operations cannot give the finish or accuracy required we have a range of grinding options including our surface and cylindrical grinders

Horizontal Boring

Our horizontal borer has a table size of 1220 x 2500mm and can provide a better machining solution to vertical machining centers for certain types of jobs.

Vertical Boring

Our range of vertical borer offer CNC machining and large capacity turing and boring – our 8 foot vertical borer has a capacity of 2.6m dia x 1.3m high