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Fossil and Nuclear Power Generation

Reekie Machining are a leading provider of on site machining solutions for Coal, Gas and Nuclear Powered Stations in the UK. Our team of experienced operators have an unrivalled track record of succesfully overcoming machining challenges that our customers face, whether it be a planned outage, emergent work or complex projects. Over the years we have delivered every conceivable in situ machining solution in all areas of Power Station outages. We have an extensive range of equipment meaning we can mobilise quickly as well as achieving greater accuracy on site, getting the job done right, first time, regardless of the unknown. Some of the services are listed below and in the downloadable attachment to the upper right of the screen:

On Site Machining

  • Drilling, Tapping & Stud Removal - Stud removal (any size) no damage to existing threads guaranteed, Tapping up to M64, valve seats (a range of location plates, jigs and fixtures are readily available)
  • Facing & Boring - Turbine loop pipe flanges, Valve bodies and bonnets, Turbine casings re-bored, HP Heater elliptical doors and housings machined
  • Pipe Cutting & Prepping - CMV Pipework, Turbine HP & IP loop pipes, Main steam stop valve removal
  • Shaft / Journal Turning - Motor / gearbox shaft turning, Fan shaft turning
  • Milling - Turbine half joints repaired, Motor/compressor mounting pads, Shaft keyway cutting
  • Portable Measurement Service - Flatness surveys, shaft alignment, pump bore alignment checks, dimensional control reports

Portable Measurement Services

  • Flatness surveys
  • Shaft alignment
  • Bore alignment

Machine Shop Services
Our machine shop, adjacent to Glasgow Airport, can provide a fast turnaround on general engineered components, from the unique one offs to batch runs

  • Mix of Conventional and CNC Machining
  • Experienced in a range of materials including: hardox, duplex, inconnel, stainless steels and mild steel
  • Range of additional services e.g. pipe freezing, hot tapping and bolt tensioning can be undertaken by subcontractors on our approved vendor list